Welcome to the Shree Dhanera Jain Mahajan Panjarapol, Dhanera

"Shree Dhanera Jain Mahajan Panjarapol, Dhanera" is closely working towards its slogan "Jeevdaya Ej Prabhu Seva" (Service to the living-being is service to the God)

We believe mercy and humbleness to the animals are primary duties of the religion.

Fodder feeding for the animals, clean water, clinic for medicine and surgery, regular availability of veterinary doctor, bird-houses for pigeon and other birds, "doodh panghar" (દૂધ પાનઘર) for newly born animals (પ્રસ્તાવિક), sufficient supply of animal food for the animals are available. We regularly feed food (રોટલા) to dogs.

We have a boring for clean water and water works with the capacity of 1 lack liter (વારિગૃહ, હવાડા). We have concrete and clean place for animal to live in. Currently we have approximately 2000 animals, for whome organisation spends about twenty five thousand rupees daily.

Organisation's responsibility mostly depends on donations. Organisation expects special donations from generous donors to accomplish such difficult task. Here trustees are commited for "Jeev Daya" and "Pashu Seva"

We also request you to be a part of this mission for "Jeev Daya" and "Pashu Seva" and keep it alive by your support, belief and donations. Donation to the organisation is tax free under the act of "Income-tax - Section 80 G" as per government of inda.

Please send your cheque (a/c payee)/ draft favouring "Shree dhanera jain mahajan ane panjrapol" (પાંજરાપોળ)